Looking for more make ahead lunches?  Check out this super popular round up of 19 Healthy Make Ahead Lunch Bowls!

It’s round up time gain!  These 19 Healthy Lunch Meal Prep Ideas go hand in hand with these 28 Healthy Breakfast Meal Prep Ideas and these 17 Healthy Dinner Meal Prep Ideas.  Today we’re talking lunches…I have a ton of great lunch meal prep ideas that you can make on the weekend.

I have really committed myself to breakfast and lunch meal prep this year and it makes an absolute world of difference.  I don’t even consider buying lunch, because I just reach in the fridge and pull out my pre-made lunch and I am good to go!  I feel so much better about my food choices lately because of meal prep.  And all it takes is 30 min-2 hours on the weekend (and really, it’s actually fun!)


Before we get started on the round-up, I thought I’d share some meal prep tips with you that have made the process much easier for me.

  1. Start small.  You know those people who prep 30 freezer meals in one day?  You don’t have to do that to feel the benefits of meal prep.  Start with one meal that pains you- breakfast (check out this round-up which has 28 Healthy Breakfast Meal Prep Ideas!), lunch, or snacks are a great place to start!
  2. Schedule it.  For the first month, you have to work your meal prep into your routine, so it is smart to schedule off a block of time dedicated to your meal prep.  Set a reminder in your phone.  At first you might feel like it’s a chore, but I’m betting once you get going, and you see how AWESOME it is to not have to worry about your meals during the week, you’ll look forward to it!
  3. Find a core set of recipes you can depend on.  Over time, you can find a set of recipes you love and that you know work.  You may even have them memorized!  This makes the meal prep routine so.  easy.

Alright, I’m DONE for now!  Let’s check out these lunch meal prep ideas and get inspired:

1. Grain bowls:

1. Honey Sesame Chicken Lunch Bowls from Sweet Peas & Saffron


2. Meal Prep Carnitas Burrito Bowls from Fit Foodie Finds


3.  Southwestern Sweet Potato and Lentil Jar Salads from Sweet Peas & Saffron

Southwestern Lentil Sweet Potato Lunch Bowls-5

4. Banh Mi Bowls with Lemongrass Meatballs from Pinch Of Yum


5. Mediterranean Farro Chicken Lunch Bowls from Sweet Peas & Saffron

Mediterranean Farro Chicken Lunch Bowls-5

6. Ratatouille Barley Salad from Sprouted Kitchen


7. Turkey Sausage Sweet Potato Lunch Bowls from Sweet Peas & Saffron

Turkey Sausage & Sweet Potato Lunch Bowls NEW-3

8. Cajun Honey Chicken Bowls from The Weary Chef


9. Chicken Fajita Lunch Bowls from Sweet Peas & Saffron

Chicken Fajita Lunch Bowls (Make Ahead)-4

10. Moroccan Chickpea Quinoa Power Salad from Little Spice Jar


2. Soups

11. Thai Coconut Healthy Homemade Instant Noodles from Sweet Peas & Saffron

Thai Coconut Instant Noodles-6

12.  Crockpot Butternut Squash Chicken and Quinoa Soup from Chelsea’s Messy Apron


13. Caribbean Sweet Potato Soup from Sweet Peas & Saffron

Caribbean Sweet Potato Soup-4

14. 30 Minute Garden Veggie Barley Soup from Stacey Homemaker


15. Thai Butternut Squash Soup (Vegan) from Sweet Peas & Saffron

Lemongrass Coconut Butternut Squash Soup-5

3. Wraps etc

16. Thai Peanut Wraps from Spiced (store separately and assemble before lunch)


17. Sweet Chili Chicken Quesadillas with Peach Salsa from Sweet Peas & Saffron (keep the salsa separate until serving)

Sweet Chili Chicken Quesadillas with Peach Salsa-3

18. Healthy Turkey Lettuce Wraps from Eat Yourself Skinny


19. Chickpea Shawarma Stuffed Pitas from Naturally Ella (keep pita + filling separate until just before serving)


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