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Denise Bustard started Sweet Peas & Saffron in 2012 as a way to document her kitchen experiments, and shared all things sweet, savory and indulgent.  

Eventually she realized that the food that helped her family the most was the type of food that could be prepped ahead and stored in the fridge or freezer for easy breakfasts on the go, portable work lunches, and busy weeknight dinners (aka: meal prep!). 

Over time, Sweet Peas & Saffron has evolved into a blog 100% focussed on make ahead, meal prep recipes.

What’s to love about meal prep?  

  • it reduces meal-related stress
  • it saves money (and wastes less food)
  • it saves time, especially on busy weekday mornings and evenings
  • it encourages you to eat healthier food

Sweet Peas & Saffron is your go-to resource for healthy meal prep recipes

my story 

While juggling going to grad school full time with raising a toddler, my meals were a complete and utter mess.

Picture me attempting to thaw something for dinner at 5pm while madly googling recipes.

Picture me skipping breakfast because I was running late. Then purchasing a sugary coffee shop muffin that had 500 empty calories and left me hungry.

Picture me wasting a ton of money buying my work lunches.

I was stressed out, not feeling my best, and tired of being such a disaster.

Something had to change.

I discovered meal prep...and decided to give it a try even though 'I'm not an organized person'.  

I started by prepping a few breakfasts ahead and was blown away by what a difference it made. No more skipping breakfasts, even if I was running late!  

Then I started bulk prepping some lunch recipes. I saved so much money!  

Finally I dabbled in meal prepping our dinners. I noticed that my family was no longer spending our evenings prepping dinners, but enjoying each others company!  

Meal prep has had such a positive impact in my life, particularly on my stress levels, that I knew I had to share this habit with others.  

As of 2017, Sweet Peas & Saffron has been completely dedicated to meal prep recipes.  

I hope you give meal prep a try, and feel the benefits in your life!  


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frequently asked questions

Which are the best meal prep containers?

I have tried a LOT of meal prep containers and have my top five recommendations for you, so that you don't waste your money!

Read: The Best Glass Meal Prep Containers

Help! I just don't know where to start!

I know there is a lot of information out there about meal prep and it can feel overwhelming at first! My best advice is to pick one meal and start by just prepping that meal ahead. Take it one step at a time.

I recommend you check out: How to Meal Prep (A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners)

I need someone to tell me exactly what to prep. Do you have meal plans? 

You need to join us for a free meal prep challenge where I send out free recipes & shopping lists and show you how to put it together in a plan. We run 4 live challenges per year. Learn more about our meal prep challenges here!

Find meal prep plans + shopping lists at: 

I don't have time to a big meal prep session! How can I make the most of my limited time?

I hear you, boy do I ever hear you! With two small kids and a business to run, I don't actually do a big bulk meal prep session most of the time. Instead I squeeze in 'mini meal prep' sessions here and there. 

Read more about how I meal prep here: My Weekly Meal Prep Routine

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