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Starts January 3, 2021

Do you find yourself running out of time to make your work or school lunch? Do you end up making unhealthy choices, hitting the drive-thru, or eating the same thing over and over and over?  

I challenge you to spend one hour preparing your weekly lunches ahead of time.


Spend 1 hour meal prepping and reap the benefits

This simple step will:

  • save you time and money 
  • alleviate early-morning stress
  • provide you with a nutritious and filling meal
  • set your day off on the right path!

Take the guesswork out of meal prep

 During the Lunch Prep Challenge, you will receive

  • weekly recipes- tried and true meal prep recipes that still taste great on day 4
  • shopping lists- to save you time 
  • tips and tricks- to help you meal prep efficiently
  • video prep tutorials- so you know exactly how to prep and store your lunches
  • access to a Facebook community with 15,000 friends to cheer you on 

You will spend one hour on the weekend, preparing your lunches for the week…that’s it!  

Then simply grab your already-made lunch and prepare to feel energized, less stressed, and ready to meet your day.

Are you in?


What are people saying about the Lunch Prep Challenge? 

What a difference it makes

I loved this challenge! Too often I skip lunch because I am rushed in the morning. But by making my lunch ahead of time, it was grab & go! What a difference it makes!  

– Lisa

I dropped a kilo

It was my first time meal prepping anything, I am always a fussy eater but thought I would give it a try and absolutely enjoyed all the recipes, set aside a few hours on Sunday and enjoyed prepping lunch and in the process I dropped a kilo.  

– Gaby

What a lifesaver

What a lifesaver! This prep helped me change some bad habits at a time when I needed to be eating healthy. It was easy, fun, and got me energized to continue making healthy choices.  


Saves money

This is my second nod challenge and find them absolutely brilliant. More time for me, saves money, delicious and healthy meals. What do you have to lose…  


We've got your back!

The Lunch Prep Challenge has helped over 40,000 people learn how to meal prep

Our Facebook community keeps you accountable

  • Share photos and cheer each other on
  • Ask questions or about ingredient substitutions
  • Win prizes when you post a picture of your completed meal prep

The Lunch Prep Challenge will work for you if...

  • You are following an omnivore, vegan, gluten-free or low carb diet- we offer swaps and substitutions so you can make the recipes work for you!
  • You are a beginner in the kitchen- the recipes are simple and easy to follow.
  • You are short on time- get in and out of the kitchen in 1 hour or less!

Let's do this together!

Say yes to less stress and more energy

Meet your meal prep challenge host

Hi! I'm Denise, and meal prep took me from feeling constantly stressed out about meals to cool, collected and in control.

I want to share this amazing and transformational habit with you, so you can feel in control, too!

Not only has meal prep reduced my stress levels, but it has taken willpower out of the equation when it comes to sticking to healthy's really hard to argue with the convenience of pre-cooked food!

Meal prep saves our family money, reduces our food waste, and has so many more benefits. I really can't say enough amazing things about it. 

I hope you join our Lunch Prep Challenge and feel the benefits of meal prep in your own life as well!



Are you in?