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  1. You just took caprese salad to a whole new level, Denise! I love this recipe! I’m always looking for new ways to use quinoa, so I love how you incorporated it in this salad. And the spicy balsamic dressing sounds so delicious!

    • Thanks, Gayle! I love quinoa, too, and love putting it in whatever I can. Kind of like avocados…and strawberries…I guess I’m just obsessive about certain ingredients 🙂

  2. This quinoa salad sounds a-ma-zing! I love the idea of strawberries instead of tomato for the caprese salad. I bet the flavor of sweet and creamy is mighty tasty.

    Hope you have a great vacation with your family!

    • Thanks Natalie! Strawberries are a surprisingly great substitute for tomatoes in this salad, who’d have thought? As for the holiday, I think I’m going to need a holiday to recover from my holiday…ha!

  3. This quinoa caprese salad looks so perfect for a light summer salad. I like the strawberry and basil combo, I’ll have to try to mix those two ingredients since I love them both. Great recipe!

    • Hi Chelon! I just put the ingredients into My Fitness Pal and got 817 calories total (and 65g carbs, 52g fat, 18g protein). So depending on how you split the salad, you would have 408 for 2 servings, or 272 for 3. Hope this helps!


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