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  1. I made this soup Sunday for a light supper and was disappointed in the final product. Very thin and watery compared to what the photos show. I ended up cooking up a few sweet potatoes and blending them into the soup to thicken it… that worked! But then I threw all caution to the wind and stirred in some grated cheddar … that was yummy and worked for us..

    • Hi Paulette! I’m sorry to hear that. If it’s watery and thin, it sounds like maybe some of the quantities were off? With 12 cups of veggies it should be quite thick. Thanks for your comment!

      • I actually used 4 additional cups of fresh broccoli so I could use up the rest of what I had on hand. With the addition of the mashed sweet potatoes, it was perfect … and delicious.

  2. This was soooooo good! I made it in the IP. Sautéed the leeks in butter on the sauté function. Once soft I turned off the IP and added the ginger and seasonings and stirred it around. I then added the broth (chicken) and stirred it up then added the broccoli. Manual high pressure for 5 minutes and then a quick release. After it cooled a bit, I used the immersion blender and then added more pepper because I like pepper. It was soooooo good! Thank you for a delicious recipe! Im shocked at the depth of flavor with so few ingredients.

      • I have a 6 quart. I should mention, since writing this review, my husband has already asked me to make it again- winning!

  3. Hi Denise,
    I can’t eat leek as it upsets my stomach. I guess I could sub onion – would you suggest white/brown/red onion? And how many?

    Can’t wait to try this!

    • Hi Dee! I think regular onion would work. I’m not sure how many you would need…maybe 3? I usually use brown onions so that’s what I’d go for. Let me know how it works out 🙂

  4. Oops forgot the red immune soup is made with either reduced salt veg bouillon/ ham/ low fat streaky bacon cut into cubes used as stock. I also sometimes put butternut squash or sweet potato frozen cubes in it. Someone I gave the recipe to uses frozen chili puree in it. (Oh and I havfe been known to put peas in the green version they are great with broccoli. Also I keep meaning to try the broccoli with courgette.) Still its a great base and it is so cool to find someone else who came up with the same concept, I don’t know about you but I find the leek, onion, tumeric and herbs are great for keeping away colds and flu if eaten regularly during the season.
    Again best wishes 🙂

  5. Omg I just found your recipe and it is almost the same as mine, how cool is that. I didn’t put butter in though. I also put basil and oregano in( sometimes I put in thyme, or corriander. I make my stock from either tuna or swiss veg bouillon powder. or more often than not a small amount of the two. Sometimes I add frozen spinach cubes. Sometimes I add kale. Other times I add brussell sprouts or savoy cabbage or frozen chopped okra.. Basically I use this as my base and add different variances depending on what I have. I chop my ingredients very small and cook them in my rice cooker with some rice. I call it my green soup for immune boosting.

    • I also use the leek,onion, turmeric, herb, black pepper, etc base with carrot and rice and red lentils again cooked in a rice cooker. To the person above don’t use ginger powder it is so not the same in soup (ginger powder is best for cookies) use frozen ginger puree cubes. We can buy them in the supermarket in the uk but if you cant get them locally you can make your own. Garlic puree can also be frozen in cubes. Basically I took an old Scottish recipe for tattie soup and adapted it to my rice cooker and added tumeric and ginger and herbs etc. This is my Red immune soup.

      Best Wishes to all

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