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This lasagna tastes so creamy and indulgent, you’d never guess it was lightened up with butternut squash and a Greek yogurt ‘bechamel’ sauce.  

Cheesy Chicken, Butternut and Sage Lasagna- you'll never guess this is lightened up with a Greek yogurt 'bechemel' sauce and butternut squash #lasagna #pumpkin

This recipe makes me feel nostalgic.

Not back to the 90′s-nostalgic, but one-year-ago-nostalgic.

Almost one year ago {plus a few weeks}, Kai was born.  You know the saying “the days are long but the years are short?”  Well, I finally get it…I seriously can’t believe that he is almost a year old.

But.  There have also been some seriously loooong days, especially early on.  Lucky for us, my mom stayed with us and helped out so much with the laundry and cooking meals.  She was paid in baby snuggles ;)

One night, a few days after Kai was born, I requested Two Peas and Their Pod’s Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese for dinner. I was a starving hungry new mom craving comfort food {nothing gets your appetite going like having a baby, seriously!}, and completely intrigued by this whole butternut squash-cheese-pasta thing.

And.  It was amazing.  So amazingly creamy and cheesy, but with the hidden butternut squash, slightly lighter than a normal Mac and Cheese.  Totally satisfied my comfort food cravings.

And butternut squash officially moved to the top of my fall 2014 experimentation list.

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Baileys and cinnamon make for a fall {and adult} twist on a root beer float.  The easiest dessert you’ll ever make!

Spiced Baileys Ice Cream Floats #baileys #icecream

So, hi.  You guys want to know what’s stressful?

Photographing root beer floats.  With a baby who awoke, mid-photo-shoot from his nap and demands cheerios!  More cheerios!  NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW!

Root beer everywhere…ice cream melting way too quickly.

Mmm hmmm.  Lots of cheerios were flung.  Lots of Baby Baluga was sung.  Lots of root beer went everywhere.

But let’s just pretend that you are relaxing.  Yes.  You are very relaxed.  It is Friday…you want a dessert.  And a cocktail.  And ice cream.  And…here is the perfect combination of all three.

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Flaky, buttery, savory pumpkin sage biscuits.  The combination of pumpkin and Greek yogurt makes these biscuits guilt-free.

Pumpkin Sage Biscuits- buttery, flaky biscuits lightened up with Greek yogurt! #pumpkin

Something bad happened.

Something so gut-wrenchingly disturbing that I don’t even really want to talk about it.  But I think it’s important that I talk about it…in order for me to heal and move on with my life.

It….SNOWED.  In September.  Yesterday…Septbember 8th, to be exact.  September 7th: 25°C, sunny, hot, gorgeous.  September 8th: snow.  Check it out on my Instagram.

Not only did it snow, but it snowed…and snowed…and snowed.  From 8am till 10pm it snowed steadily.  I woke up to at least 3 inches of snow this morning.  Mother Nature hates us in Calgary.

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This kale salad has it all: nutty barley, crunchy sunflower seeds, creamy avocado, salty feta cheese, chickpeas and red onions, and tossed in a tangy honey and lemon vinaigrette.  Perfect for a week-day lunch!

Kale, Barley and Feta Salad with a Honey-Lemon Vinaigrette | Kale, Barley, Feta, Chickpeas, Avocado, Sunflower Seeds and Red Onion are tossed in a tangy Honey-Lemon Vinaigrette. #lunch #kale

I know that it has already been ‘back to school’ for most kids, but it’s about to be ‘back to school’ for me!

Except that my school is more like work.  It doesn’t end at 3, that’s for sure.  There were often long days, homework and work on week-ends.  That’s because I’m doing my PhD.

I am 4 and a half years in {!}, meaning that I am hopefully within a year of finishing.  There are definitely things that need to happen in this year, the least of which is writing my thesis {!!} and having my defense {!!!}.  Then you have to call me doctor, or I won’t answer you ;)

So yes…It’s time to roll up my sleeves, dust off my brain, and say hi to science again.

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This light and smooth white bean hummus packs a flavor punch from roasted garlic.  The perfect healthy snack!

Roasted Garlic and White Bean Hummus- simple, delicious and healthy! #vegan #healthy

There are some benefits to turning the corner from August to September:

It is a little bit easier to fall asleep at night, now that a) the sun is setting earlier and b) it is cooler in our bedroom.

The ability to drink a cup of hot tea without needing to remove a layer of clothing.

Soups, curries, stews <= all back on the menu.

And: the oven ban is lifted!  It is perfectly acceptable to turn on the oven and roast up some garlic for this hummus.

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