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 Chocolate espresso french toast is stuffed with creamy mascarpone cheese in this decadent and deceptively easy breakfast!  Serve with fresh raspberries and toasted hazelnuts.
Mascarpone-Stuffed Chocolate Espresso French Toast

It’s mid-November.  MID-NOVEMBER, people!  How did that happen?!

It feels like I start every blog post this way.  But seriously…time is flying!  My baby is a toddler.  Toddling around.  Falling lots.  Getting into everything.  EVERYTHING!!!  My tupperware drawer will never be the same.  He’s also reorganized a drawer full of food props…mostly napkins and paper straws.  Last week he pulled over a floor lamp, pulled a place mat with my drink on it off of the table, pulled over our humidifier {spilling water everywhere}.  He got into some toilet paper rolls while Ben was ‘watching’ him in the basement.

So, I guess I’ve really been on my toes lately, if it’s quiet for more than a minute at our house, you better start looking for Hurricane Kai, and his path of destruction.

Life is busy, but life is fun…so much fun!  And this week, I made a fun breakfast :)

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These delicious muffins are filled with brown sugar, oatmeal, walnuts, and a dash of cinnamon, and drizzled in a heavenly maple syrup glaze.

Glazed Maple Walnut Oatmeal Muffins

I mentioned earlier this week that it is cold here in Calgary.  COLD cold.  So cold there are ice crystals in the sky {and I caught sight of an ice crystal rainbow on Wednesday, talk about beautiful!}

It has been absolutely stunningly beautiful, with the pristine white snow, clear, bright blue skies, and frost…if we have to put up with the snow, at least it is pretty to look at, right?

Well, along with the cold weather comes my desire for comfort food, in the form of soup, stews, pretty much anything warm.  But also in the form of muffins, preferably fresh from the oven and with a generous drizzle of maple glaze.

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A simple and healthy creamy red pepper soup is served with a dollop of smoked paprika yogurt and crumbled chorizo for a sweet/savory/smoky meal.

Creamy Red Pepper Soup with Smoked Paprika Yogurt and Crumbled Chorizo

Greetings from the North Pole.

Kidding.  Except that it looks like the North Pole here.  We got snow.  And more snow.  And more snow.  And this week it is set to go down to -23°C.  {That’s -9°F for you guys who speak Fahrenheit}.  Booo.  I guess Mother Nature knows it’s November here in Canada, and it’s time to get going with all the white stuff.

I guess it’s no surprise that soup is on the menu this week.  What else to do while trapped inside on a cold, cold Sunday?

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These savory bacon and rosemary waffles are super crispy.  All of the hard work is done the night before, making this a super easy breakfast to whip up!
Ultra Crispy Overnight Bacon and Rosemary Yeasted Waffles

I really wish I were one of those people who leaps out of bed in the morning, all bright-eyed and ready to meet the day.  Unfortunately that’s not me.  I look like one of the walking dead.

My first thoughts are coffee!  Where’s the coffee!?

My breakfast is smoothie and toast.  I need fast and easy.  For this reason, waffles have pretty much always been off the menu {unless they are for brunch…or dinner, or Ben is making them}.  Until now!

These waffles are a total cure for my non-morning person problems.  A) they taste so good they jolt me out of my semi-coma.  B) All the hard work: the mixing, etc, is done the night before.  In the morning, all you need to do is mix in some eggs and baking soda, bacon and rosemary, and get to waffling!

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