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This apple loaf cake has nutty brown butter and a cinnamon sugar swirl.  Perfect fall comfort food!

Brown Butter Apple Cinnamon Cake

It’s October.

October!!!  How did that happen?!

October means it’s fall, for reals.  No more debating.  No more Lemon Meringue anything.  It’s apple time!  {And pumpkin, but I think you already noticed that ;) }

And I don’t know about you, but these days, after Kai is in bed and the dishes are all washed up, I’ve been curling up on the couch with a nice warm blanket and some really bad TV.  America’s Next Top Model, I’m looking at you.  Also required: a cup of sleepy time tea, and a big old slice of this Brown Butter Apple Cinnamon Loaf.

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A low calorie, low carb, healthy substitute for mashed potatoes flavored with garlic and Parmesan cheese.  Smooth and delicious, perfect as a Thanksgiving side dish!
Garlic & Parmesan Cauliflower 'Mashed Potatoes': A low calorie, low carb, healthy substitute for mashed potatoes

This week I have posted a few Thanksgiving-worthy recipes, since Canadian Thanksgiving is only two weeks away.

I love Thanksgiving, love the smell of the cooking turkey, the cranberry sauce, the pumpkin pie, the stuffing, the wine, all of it!  I love spending time with family eating…and eating.  And eating.  Unbuttoning that top button.  Eating some more.

Have you seen the episode of Friends where Joey needs to get on his Thanksgiving pants?  Well, I’m a little afraid that’s going to be me this year.  I still have some maternity yoga pants…those might do the trick.

Luckily, this recipe for Garlic & Parmesan Cauliflower ‘Mashed Potatoes’ is one which thankfully won’t contribute to my need for Thanksgiving pants.

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Pumpkin pie is cranked up a notch with a splash of bourbon and a highly addictive salted brown butter pecan streusel.

Bourbon Pumpkin Pie with Salted Brown Butter Pecan Streusel

You know how I got all crazy enthusiastic for Thanksgiving and posted a Balsamic Raspberry Cranberry Sauce the other day?  Well I was just getting started.  Today I have a pumpkin pie recipe!

I honestly think it’s too bad that pumpkin pie is only out and about for Thanksgiving.  Why can’t we have it for Christmas or Easter?  Canned pumpkin is around all year round, right?

And who doesn’t love pumpkin pie?  It is so creamy and cool, and not too heavy after all of that turkey.  And full of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger…the most comforting, delicious spices!  And it is so flipping easy to make.  After making a turkey, I have no time for complicated frou frou fancy pants stuff.  Just a good old simple pumpkin pie.

This year, I decided to amp up the usual pumpkin pie with a splash of bourbon, and a sprinkling of the most amazing, addictive streusel you will ever taste.

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A delicious twist on the traditional cranberry sauce recipe, using fresh raspberries and a dash of raspberry balsamic vinegar.

Raspberry-Balsamic Cranberry Sauce

I know, cranberry sauce…in September?

Here’s the deal: Canadian Thanksgiving is October 13, which is about three weeks away.

In that time, I am going back to work, throwing Kai’s first birthday party, and hosting Thanksgiving.  So, I thought I would get the Thanksgiving recipes rolling a little sooner than normal!

And if you’re American, I am reeeally early.  Bookmark this one for November, it’s a keeper!

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