Southwestern Cork Board Wall Art @sweetpeasaffron

A fun and easy craft to spruce up a boring wall.

I have had another fun crafty time this week-end.  Actually, I did two crafts {the other one to be posted next week, probably}.  You can check out a preview on my Instagram.  This crafting thing is kind of addicting!

I have a really huge art project planned to hang over our fireplace.  I have my canvas and paints all lined up and ready but I chickened out.  I decided to do this, a less intimidating art project.  It ended up being really fun!

Have I ever mentioned that I have an orange kitchen?  Well.  I have an orange kitchen.

And not just some hint-of-0range kitchen.  An orange! kitchen.

It is not a color that I picked, it came with the house.  To be honest, it’s not my taste, but it has grown on me.  It is bright and happy.  When I get up in the morning, before my coffee, my bright orange walls greet me with a happy hello!

On to this cork board project Since the kitchen has a bit of a southwestern vibe going on, I decided to decorate my cork boards in a southwestern sort of theme.  Geometric shapes, chevrons, arrows…you get the picture.  I went pretty neutral in colors to blend in with my orange! walls.

DIY Cork Board Wall Art | Sweet Peas & Saffron

{Supplies needed: cork boards- Ikea, painters tape, paint brush, black & white acrylic craft paint}

Cost of this project:

  • 2 X 3-pack of ikea cork boards {$8}
  • paintbrush {$2}
  • painters tape {$4}
  • black & white acrylic paint {$5}
  • picture hanging strips {$5}

Total: $24*

*but you probably have some of these items already!

Time:  around 2 hours to tape, paint and allow to dry.

DIY Cork Board Wall Art | Sweet Peas & Saffron

DIY Cork Board Wall Art | Sweet Peas & Saffron

The project is pretty self explanatory:

  • Tape the cork boards.
  • Paint the cork boards.
  • Dry.  Remove tape.
  • We hung them using ‘velcro’ picture hanging strips {so we didn’t have to use 6 nails!}

Helpful tips:

  • Press tape down firmly to prevent bleeding
  • Don’t put too much water in your paint {also prevents bleeding}
  • Use a ruler to figure out where the ‘center’ of the board is.
  • But don’t sweat the whole symmetry thing too much!  It was much more fun when I put the ruler away and just went with the flow {and adjusted the tape by eye}

DIY Cork Board Wall Art | Sweet Peas & Saffron{Before}  The car painting was purchased at a flea market in Havana when we were there in 2012.  It was hanging in the kitchen because…there was a random nail there.  Don’t worry!  It has a happy new home in the living room, where it’s lovely blues and whites are perfect.

{After} I think the orange walls and the new southwestern cork art go together a little better.  But if I ever decide to move my cork art…we didn’t make any holes in the wall, thanks to these picture hanger strips.

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