Leftover Turkey Bone Broth

turkey bones sea salt apple cider vinegar celery  carrot onion garlic scraps from turkey dinner  leftover herbs from turkey dinner prep water

what you'll need:


combine all ingredients into a large stock pot, slow cooker, or the stainless steel inner pot of an Instant Pot (6 or 8 quart).



place the lid on the Instant Pot, select manual (high pressure) for 120 minutes (2 hours). Allow pressure to naturally release until the pin drops (roughly 60 minutes).



Pour through a colander, collecting the bone broth in a large bowl or a jar. Toss all solids in the compost.



JARS - Leave ¼ of the jar for expansion and the lid ajar until frozen solid.  BAGS- squeeze out as much air as possible and freeze flat.


– only use canning jars  – avoid jars with shoulders  – fill no more than ¾ full and leave lids ajar until fully frozen – ensure that stock is completely cooled before placing in the freezer

tips for freezing:

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