Wasabi Grilled Salmon Bowls

what you'll need:

 liquid aminos  sesame oil ground ginger salmon fillets cremini mushrooms  zucchini cut  sesame oil baby bok choy  avocado mayonnaise wasabi paste


stir together the liquid soy seasoning, sesame oil and ground ginger. Place salmon skin side up in the dish,  marinate for 30 minutes.


cook salmon

Heat your grill. use a vegetable grilling plate to cook your salmon, spraying it well with oil.


cook vegetables

toss the vegetables in the liquid soy seasoning and sesame oil until coated. use grilling plate to cook.



divide the grilled vegetables and salmon between four 3-cup capacity storage containers


storage + reheating:

Storage- store in the fridge for up to 4 days Reheating- reheat in the microwave until steaming hot

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