Peanut Butter & Jam Breakfast Cookies

coconut oil  peanut butter natural eggs vanilla honey  rolled oats  all purpose flour baking powder ground flax  jam

what you'll need:

mix wet ingredients

in a large glass measuring cup, melt the coconut oil. stir in the peanut butter, eggs, vanilla and honey, mixing until smooth and no lumps remain.


mix in dry ingredients

add rolled oats, flour, baking powder and ground flax to the bowl. mix it in with a spatula, until completely combined and no clumps of flour remain.


shape cookies

scoop out ¼ cup portions and shape them on a baking sheet into a round cookie with an indent in the middle. spoon in 1 tablespoon of jam in the center of each cookie.



bake at 350°F for 13-15 minutes, until edge around the bottoms start to brown.


1. Cool completely, then store in an air tight container; place parchment or wax paper between cookies to prevent them from sticking together. 2. Store in the fridge for up to 4 days.


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