Farro Arugula Salad (Meal Prep)

farro water salt olive oil white wine vinegar honey (or maple syrup) dijon salt & pepper eggs see  arugula snap peas feta cheese

what you'll need:

cook farro

cover and cook (simmering) for 25 minutes or until farro is cooked through to your liking. drain extra cooking liquid and allow farro to cool before portioning out.


prep vinaigrette

shake together all ingredients including the olive oil, white wine vinegar, honey, dijon, salt & pepper. Set aside.


prepare eggs

hard boil the eggs. it should take about 12 minutes to cook a perfectly hard boiled egg in water that is already at boiling. Cool, peel, and cut into cubes or halves.


assemble salad

toss the farro in the vinaigrette and arrange on one end of a 3 cup meal prep container. add the arugula, snap peas in between the arugula and farro. add the sliced boiled eggs and feta cheese.


1. Allow the farro to cool completely. 2. Store in an air tight container in refrigerator for up to 4 days. 3. Serve cold.

storage + serving: 

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