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Drink Recipes

Virgin Drinks/Mocktails:

*options to make alcoholic suggested in posts

cherry limeade 4march2014

Frozen Cherry Limeade

lemony tarragon spritzers FG march2014

Lemony Tarragon Spritzers

peach rosemary fizz FG march2014

Peach & Rosemary Fizz






raspberry smash FG blogmarch2014

Raspberry Herb Smash

jal cilantro limeade FG march2014

Sparkling Jalapeno & Cilantro Limeade

rhubarb mojitos FG blog march2014

Virgin Rhubarb Mojitos






watermelon sangria FG blog march 2014

Virgin Watermelon Sangria

pomegranate rosewater sprtizers FGmarch2014

Pomegranate & Rosewater Spritzers






Happy Hour:

peach raspberry bellinis Awm

Frozen Peach & Raspberry Bellinis

Strawberry Rhubarb Rose Sangria wm

Strawberry Rhubarb Rose Sangria

raspberry rose gin rickey 2 march2014

Raspberry & Rosewater Gin Rickey

candy apple martni 2march2014

Candy Apple Martini

cherry mojitos march2014

Cherry Mojitos

cranberry ginger cider cocktail 3march2014

Cranberry Ginger Cider Cocktail

cranberry ginger fizz 3 march2014

Cranberry Ginger Fizz

apple pear pom sangria FG1 march2014

Apple, Pear & Pomegranate Sangria

Butterscotch spiked coffee march2014

Butterscotch Spiked Coffee

pear ginger champagne march2014

Pear & Ginger Champagne Cocktail

pear and ginger margaritas 1march2014

Pear & Ginger Margaritas






pumpkin latte margaritamarch2014

Pumpkin Spice Margarita

root beer float 1march2014

Adult Root Beer Floats


naughty girl scout2 march2014

Naughty Girl Scout


raspberry champagne jello drinks FG march2014

Raspberry Champagne Jello ‘Drinks’

















lemongrass tea march2014

Spicy Lemongrass & Ginger Tea







strawberry chai smoothie tasteologie

Strawberry Vanilla Chai Smoothie

triple berry pie smoothie tsp

Triple Berry Pie Smoothie

raspberry choco-chia smoothie FG

Raspberry Choco-Chia Smoothies

cherry almond smoothie FG_edited-1 march2014

Cherry Almond Smoothie