The next challenge has not been officially announced but will likely be in August or September 2017!

Take control of your lunch

Do you find yourself running out of time to make your work or school lunch?  Do you end up making unhealthy choices, hitting the drive-thru, or eating the same thing over and over and over?

I challenge you to spend one hour preparing your weekly lunches ahead of time.

This simple step will:

  • save you time and money
  • alleviate early-morning stress
  • provide you with a nutritious and filling meal
  • set your day off on the right path!

When you have a delicious and filling lunch ready and waiting for you, you are less likely to hit the vending machine, or reach for a sugary snack.  You will have more energy.  Your brain is free to think about other things.  This one simple step can have a drastic effect on your day!




During the 3 Week Lunch Prep Challenge, you’ll receive:

  • weekly recipes
  • shopping lists
  • tips and tricks
  • access to a Facebook community with video prep tutorials

You will spend one hour on the weekend, preparing your lunches for the week…that’s it!

Then simply grab your already-made lunch and prepare to feel energized, less stressed, and ready to meet your day.

Let’s do this together!

 Here’s what your recipe and shopping list e-mails will look like:


What people are saying about the Breakfast & Lunch Prep Challenges

Prepping for lunch give me such a sense of accomplishment!! The recipes were great because they were easily tweaked for individual tastes. It’s been a couple weeks since the challenge ended and I’m still prepping my lunches and breakfast.

– Wendy

It was my first time meal prepping anything, I am always a fussy eater but thought I would give it a try and absolutely enjoyed all the recipes, set aside a few hours on Sunday and enjoyed prepping lunch and in the process I dropped a kilo.

– Gaby

I absolutely loved doing your breakfast challenge!  It gave me the push I needed to begin preparing a healthy, homemade breakfast ahead of time so I can grab and go.  Your selection of recipes provided something for every taste.  I enjoyed them all very much.  Every recipe was quick and easy to prepare.  Having breakfast already prepared and waiting to go has been a wonderful stress reliever. 

– Shannon

And check out some of these meals prepped by our January Lunch Prep Challenge participants!