I can finally let the cat out of the bag.  I can explain why I’ve barely blogged in a month, and have been so inconsistent on social media.

Surprise!  We’re having a baby!

Kai’s showing you where the baby is, in case you couldn’t tell.

Funny thing?  Kids are so intuitive.  We were waiting to tell Kai until after the ultrasound, but the little monkey somehow figured it out and quickly started spreading the news at his daycare.

Want a dose of our life right now?  This is what I texted to Ben last night:

Guys, I haven’t eaten fettuccine alfredo in probably 15 years.  And Ben brought me home a frozen fettuccine alfredo and the whole family ate dinner (in bed!) while watching Survivor.  It was the BEST fettuccine alfredo I’ve ever eaten and the entire scenario was pretty much pregnant-lady bliss.

Sadly, I have really lost my motivation, and that coupled with some wicked morning (I mean evening!) sickness has meant that it has been pretty quiet over here on the blog.

As of this week we are 14 weeks along…which should mean I’ll be feeling better any day now…right?

Currently, life looks an awful lot like this:

How far along? 14 weeks.  Or 15.  My memory and the ultrasound are a bit different.

Weight gain? -5 pounds?  Wah.

Movement?  I swear I’ve felt the baby moving since 10 weeks.  Or maybe I’m totally losing my mind.

Cravings?  NACHOS!! bagels, fettuccine alfredo apparently, I had some pretty strong Coca Cola cravings when we were in Hawaii, any and all things salty.  No sweet cravings yet!  Aversions: MEAT, veggies, pretty much anything that is good for me. Thank goodness for smoothies or I’d be a complete and total train wreck.

Moods? Mostly ‘blah’ and tired but also a little bit emotional and definitely easier to fly off the handle.  Stay away when I’m excessively hungry, ha ha!

Boy or girl? We don’t know but we do want to find out at our 20 week ultrasound.  I’m hoping for a girl so we can have a gender balance in this house, but I’ll honestly just be happy with a healthy baby.  Kai is pretty sure it’s a boy.

Thanks for reading my rambles.  I’m so glad to finally share this news with you!  I look forward to getting back into a normal posting schedule soon.



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