jalapeno cilantro limeade

A fun and delicious limeade made with a cilantro simple syrup and jalapeños.

Happy Sunday!

I hope everyone is enjoying a nice, summery week-end!

I myself have been having a great week-end (primarily because I am NOT at work in the lab).  I have been working so frequently on the week-end that I forgot what it was like to have a week-end!

To make things even better, we are having some pretty decent weather…not too hot…not too cold…and no rain!  (Knocking on wood as I write this).

Perfect for curling up on the deck with a good book (or trashy magazine) and a nice, cold, fizzy drink.

jal cilantro limeade 3

Confession:  I actually made this drink last week-end.

And I’ve kept this recipe from you for a whole week.

My apologies!

jal cilantro limeade2

Another confession:  I actually, sort of, made this drink last summer.  In the form of a margarita.  It was pretty amazing.

In fact, it stuck out so vividly in my mind that I decided I had to make it again, sans-alcohol.

But don’t worry….it is very easily alcoholized.  Just add a shot of silver tequila.  Bam!  Margarita.

jal cilantro limeade4

Please, don’t be scared off by the idea of cilantro in your drink!  It’s actually an amazing twist to your plain old limeade.  And the jalapeno adds some kick.  It can add as much or as little kick as you’d like 🙂

I have a bunch more cilantro drinks planned out.  Stay tuned.

For now, make yourself one of these delicious drinks, and settle down in the shade to enjoy!

[gmc_recipe 1783]

Recipe adapted from Today’s Nest

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